her love affair with food started early

Katherine Arguile was born in Tokyo to a Japanese mother and an English father.

She has danced flamenco on stage, fallen off a club podium, worked in dull offices, frozen her nostrils on the Great Wall of China, broken her back, eaten tinned bee larvae, operated a container shipping lock for ten seconds in Amsterdam and many other things.

After living in London for eighteen years she has pushed her life re-set button and moved to Adelaide, South Australia.

She likes writing, food, writing about food, flamenco, eating, food, travelling, travelling and eating, writing about travelling and eating. She is married to Paul, a chef.


10 Responses to “About Kyaachan”

  1. Vicki Says:

    I was thinking of you this morning as a visitor on a tour at the V&A told me she was from Adelaide and saw our Morris Bullerswood carpet projected on the university/city blds during an arts festival there last year. Sounded a wonderful festival. She certainly enjoyed it. Something for you to look forward to……..luvya. V

  2. kyaachan Says:

    Ahaa! I found the comment again…
    Love you too, very much. And as you see there are these wonderful festivals in Adelaide making use of V&A artefacts, I think it’s imperative you come over to make sure they’re being used appropriately…. 😉

  3. Bonjour K.,

    Had a good time reading your stories and glad you have already made it safely to my bosses’ home country on your route down under.

    Hope you will enjoy the rest of yr travel and look forward to your next adventures.

    A la prochaine,

    Ps – Worked in dull offices ?!

  4. kyaachan Says:

    Hey there M. Terrible! Thanks for leaving a comment, much appreciated.

    Glad you’re reading this and hope the gap of the last few days hasn’t put you off. We’ve been internet accessless for a day or two, but now we’re in Nagasaki. We’re heading off up the Dutch slopes tomorrow so should get a good view of the shipyards. Maybe I’ll spot a newbuild?!

    Hope you and your are well,

    ps. Dull offices… of course, absolutely nothing at all to do with my ex and your current bosses!!!

  5. Benhur Says:

    Kath, I got this blog address, a bit late . I have to read two months of entries to catch up now 🙂

    Thanks for informing though, it is really great fun to read, you are very good at writing for sure. And as for your husband, he seems very friendly too, I hope we can meet in person one day. My regards to the big chef please. (I have a friend, a British chef, David Shipman, who married a Turkish lady here and stayed in Turkey.) I guess chefs are the most adventurous people on the world (my experience). Good luck. Have fun

  6. Jonelle Choularton Says:

    KT, KT, KT, KT,

    Haven’t written sooner as I feel terrible about not attending your farewell. Please accept my apologies 😦 xx

    Have just read through all your entries. Awesome!!! You know I love reading your stories. Can’t wait to read further! And I love seeing the photos of food – the presentation is gorgeous, and the blossoms.

    Hope your health is not hindering your adenture at all and that you’re loving every minute of being a backpacker1

    Will see you in the southern hemisphere soon enough.

    Love to both and travel safe.

    Love JC xxxx

  7. kyaachan Says:

    Hi Benhur,

    Thanks for checking in to my blog! And thanks for the positive comments.

    Well, having a chef for a husband gives me the excuse to eat with him “for research purposes”. I’m quite glad we are in Nagasaki at the moment, which is full of steep hills. I certainly need to climb up and down them at high speed to keep the weight off… 😉

    Hope you’re well! Great to hear from you.

  8. kyaachan Says:

    Hey there JC, JC, JC…

    No worries about the leaving do mate! I’m sure we’ll be seeing you before too long.

    Glad you like the blog, I’m enjoying writing it…got a few days to catch up on though, so waiting for the next long bullet train ride for that. Backpacking’s great – health’s been bearing up pretty well despite the cold (as you’ll see from the latest post).

    Hope you’re doing fine over there in Blighty. Missya.

  9. Benhur Says:

    Hi again, I guess I will be a regular customer to your blog, really nice to read.

    We are expecting yu and Paul to come to istanbul, to research Turkish food one day.

    Take care guys.

  10. kyaachan Says:

    Hi again Benhur,

    Delighted to have regular readers! Please keep coming back.

    Not sure when we will head westwards again, but would love to visit Turkey once more. We’ve never been to Istanbul, so if we ever head your way, you can be sure we’ll be in touch! Equally, if you and your family would like to visit South Australia, you know you are always welcome.

    Best wishes

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